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Welcome to greenHouse Computers, LLC, your home for low power computing solutions.  greenHouse Computers, LLC was founded on one principle -- providing the lowest power, high function solutions possible to customers who are serious about energy conservation or who are faced with challenging environments where ever watt is at a premium.

The greenHouse Computers Advantage

Low-power computing offers more advantages than reducing the size of your monthly electric bill. Lower power mean less waste heat, less waste heat requires fewer cooling fans, fewer cooling fans make less noise.  For wind and solar power system monitoring, our low power system designs mean you waste less energy monitoring the system, and get to enjoy more of the energy you produce.  From our 5 watt greenMonitor Lite low power network data logger to our greenFarm rack-mountable virtualization server, we have a solution to meet your needs.

Naturally Available

The greenHouse Computers family of systems greatly reduce energy consumption and that means fewer standby power requirements in environments where system availability is a consern or power is unavailable or unreliable.

UPS runtime is greatly increased, compared to traditional systems, reducing UPS costs and increasing availability.

Naturally Cool

The greenHouse Computers family of systems greatly reduces cooling requirements by reducing wasted energy. If you no longer want to sit next to a space heater, or are working in environments where air conditioning isn't available or is expensive to operate, the greenHouse Computers family of systems is ideal for you.

Naturally Green

The greenHouse Computers family of systems greatly reduce energy consumption and green house gas emissions caused by fossil fuel power generation. For customers using renewable power, such as wind or solar, greenHouse Computers systems reduce the cost of generating power by as much as 85%.

Compared to larger systems which may consume 180 watts or more, greenhouse Computers systems use 1/3rd or less the power. In typical 8 hour per day working environments, a greenStation[1] system uses 240 watt-hours per day, compared to 1,440 watt-hours or more for other systems. Over a 5 year system lifetime, that adds up to a savings of 750 kilowatt-hours, or more than half a ton of CO2. And when you want to upgrade, we will refurbish your case and install the latest hardware, further reducing waste.

Naturally Reliable

The greenHouse Computers family of systems improve reliability by reducing heat and vibration. Heat is the enemy of electronic components, and the vibrations caused by cooling fans in larger, more traditional systems can cause connectors to slowly loosen and fail. High volume fans draw in more dust and other environmental contaminents, clogging heat sinks and reducing cooling capacity. Reducing waste heat and the need for larger fans prevents this cause of system failure as well.

[1] Energy savings claim based on 24-hour per day operation over 5 year system life at $0.12 per kilowatt hour, assuming 30 watt greenHouse Computers system, compared to typical 180 watt traditional desktop system.

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